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Looking back and looking forward to 2012

Well its been a funny old year in many ways!

Full of highs and sometimes lows but we seemed to have kept moving forward and have ended the last quarter of the year on a high with a real flurry of activity and sales successes helped in no small way by the collaboration with Jacqueline Lancaster of the Riverside Gallery in Lower Sunbury, London so a big thank you to you Jacqueline.

We had thought that December might be a quiet month for us after the last of our shows but we had so many commissions to complete for Christmas that it got a bit crazy towards the end.

What was really nice was the number of people who had seen us at shows earlier in the year and had said they would get in touch with us nearer Christmas or similar and true to their words, the calls came in. It gives you some faith in human nature when people keep their promises and what nice people they have all been to deal with.

Lesley and I would like to thank everyone who bought one of our pens or even just came to have a chat and look at some of the demos. Some will come back - some will not - but everyone has been so nice to deal with and it makes the hard work that goes into a show worthwhile for us.

We are working towards all sorts of new and exciting things in the coming year and we have been hunting down and stockpiling some beautiful new materials to work with as well as hopefully, some new designs so watch this space.

To all of you we hope you had a peaceful and Merry Christmas and have a Happy and successful 2012