About us


We hand-make high quality and unique pens and propelling pencils.

Our pens are made using stunning materials sourced from around the world to provide you with a truly unique luxury item at an affordable price.Each pen or pencil is carefully hand crafted and goes through more than 20 finishing stages to provide you with a long lasting, duarable product backed up with my promise that we will do our utmost to help you with any problems you might have with the pen afteryou purchase it.

No two of our pens will ever be the same. The grain and colour of a wooden pen is unique and can never be truly reproduced and the very individual resins and other man-made        materials that I use offer the same degree of uniqueness.

There is a tactile feel to our pens which is often missing from a mass produced item.

The art and pleasure of handwriting is sadly disappearing in this age of computers but computers are such an impersonal way to write a personal or important letter.

Too often I see a businessman signing an important document with a Biro pen. What does that say about you or your business? If you are serious about your business image, surely you should show it with a pen that makes a statement about you?

A hand written note, letter or card is so personal. What better way to write a special message to somone you love or to say thank you to a special person than to sit down with one of our beautiful and lovingly made pens and commit your thoughts to paper?

Spend a few quiet and private minutes thinking about what you want to say and then enjoy the tranquility of comitting your thoughts to paper with one of our pens...

Relax on a Sunday morning or when the kids have gone to bed and write that letter you have been meaning to for so long!

As much as it is a pleasure to write a letter or Note, what better gift is there to give  to someone you love than a pen, so that you in turn can share the pleasure of a handwritten note back from them and know that they in turn will have shared the same pleasures?

Surely, telling someone how much you care for them deserves to be written with something more than a disposable pen!


Writing CAN be a pleasure - indulge yourself...