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Apologies for the Big Silence

When I started my well intentioned blog, I thought it would be easy to keep up with it but all sorts of things have got in the way!

We have been busy on a number of fronts and attended several shows and events since the last entry. We have also spent a lot of time and effort getting ready for events only to have them cancelled at the very last moment by the organisers which is very irritating to say the least.

I have also had ongoing health issues which has floored me for some time and although I am responding to some of the treatment, it feels like life is in slow motion at times.

We have been doing simple demos at the shows to show (mainly) children how to make a simple pen and also, to explain what a lathe is and what it does and how we transform a rectangular piece of wood into a pen. I have to say that the delight and pleasure that they show more than pays for the hard work and cost of doing the demos.

I designed a pen specifically for these demos which uses a biro insert. The kids can decide what the decoration should be and at the end, they are given the pen to take away if they have shown the interest in what I am doing. We tell them about the wood and where it came from and encourage them to go away and do more research into it for themselves. We have even had one youngster enroll in his local wood-turning club to learn how to turn (and ask Santa for a lathe instead of the X-Box he had originally wanted). To me, that success is priceless as it should open up a whole range of possibilities for him as he grows up that he certainly wouldn't get from his X-Box.