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The Great British Craft Bazaar


This my first blog so forgive any stutters and stumbles...

We had a great weekend at the first Great British Craft Bazaar event which was held in Community Centre and High School in Culcheth, Warrington last weekend. The event was a big unknown and leap of faith for us - and I suspect all of the exhibitors - and I also suspect that none of us were entirely happy with the number of visitors over the two days.

We met some lovely people from both the exhibitors and also the public and had some great conversations. My thanks to those people who were so complimentary about my pens at the Culcheth show. It is very gratifying to have such feedback and makes all the work worthwhile. Thank you...

We haven't heard anything more from the organisers so its difficult to gauge how they felt about the event as their first foray into this sort of thing but it would be nice to get some feedback if you read this Caroline and Linda!!!

Things seem to be a bit crazy at the moment and I am frantically trying to get the website up and live with my pens but there always seems to be something else more desperate that gets in the way. I have promised myself to work at it to get even a limited range of pens up on it as soon as I can.

I have just bought some new batches of what promises to be stunning Arizona Desert Ironwood Burl and also Hawaiian Dogwood Burl and Redwood Lace Burl, samples of which are shown below. It may not look promising in this state but the finished pens should be gorgeous and utterly unique...
Watch this space for some feedback on it when it arrives.Redwood_lace_burl_blanks_042011.jpgdesert_ironwood_blanks.jpg

I am also waiting on a large consignment of Ebonite in both plain and multi-colours.

I really love working with Ebonite despite all the negatives from a production point of view. There are no negatives from a pen point of view - it is simply stunning stuff and makes the most wonderful pens imaginable. The pen at the top of the website is made from Ebonite - need I say more...

Enough of the ramblings for now. Keep checking back and I promise I will have some lovely pens for you to look at very soon.